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Leadership/Civic Pride

Caldwell County’s leaders recognized the need to come together to examine the realities and the opportunities that belong to Caldwell County. They agreed that developing a vision and a strategy to bridge the past to the future would require a community consensus and a dedicated, long-term plan and effort.
That effort is more than a goal. It is a process which requires ongoing development of leadership into the future and a re-generation of community pride and civic engagement.
Vision: Caldwell County will become a community that public and private leadership—and the population as a whole—will cherish and work tirelessly to sustain.
Objective 12: Grow local leadership’s capacity to affect change in Caldwell County.
Objective 13: Develop a “Youth Engagement and Empowerment Initiative.”
Objective 14: Initiate a community-branding campaign focused on raising levels of community pride and engagement.
Objective 15: Partner with CCC&TI to develop a program focused on improving the work ethic of the County’s adult population.
Objective 16: Improve local coordination, collaboration and consensus across constituencies and communities in Caldwell County.


Leadership & Civic Pride Work Group
The Leadership & Civic Pride work group is looking for active participants to encourage and participate in this group's objectives. Many excellent programs and organizations exist in Caldwell County, and this group will seek to support and and communicate with all of them to build stronger community pride and develop more civic leaders county wide.
Leadership Caldwell
Leadership Caldwell is an annual program offered through the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce. It offers a comprehensive, local leadership class every spring designed to familiarize participants with local and regional resources, education, government and media. Each year's class gives back to the community with a civic service project. For more information, contact the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce.
Local Leader Profiles
Caldwell has been blessed with strong local leaders in business and government. Many have been influential throughout the state and some have become known in regional and national circles. Watch for local leader profiles here.
2010 Dysart Award Winners
The Man of the Year and The Woman of the Year were announced June 17, 2010 at the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. Congratulations to Jimmy Hemphill of Hudson, NC as Man of the Year and to Allene Broyhill Stevenson of Lenoir, NC as Woman of the Year. 


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