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Economic Opportunity

Caldwell 20/20 has launched a very ambitious program to increase economic opportunity. It is more than an exercise in capacity building; it is a holistic approach to economic and community development. Effectively implemented, it could position Caldwell County as a leader in progressive community development. 
Continuing with the strategy’s four core visions and 20 initial objectives...

Vision: A diverse set of strategies will ensure that Caldwell County’s economy provides high-quality, well paying careers for generations of local adults.
Objective 6: Formalize a Caldwell County Business Council with representation from the community’s largest employers from all sectors.

Objective 7:
Optimize the impact of key local opportunities.

Objective 8:
Enhance business retention and expansion efforts in Caldwell County.

Objective 9:
Ensure that efforts to develop a “culture” of entrepreneurship in Caldwell County are effective.

Objective 10:
Provide competitive local infrastructure and incentives for economic growth.

Objective 11:
Work to better leverage regional opportunities.

Industrial and Manufacturing opportunities are the focus of the Caldwell Economic Development Commission (EDC). Caldwell 20/20 is an active participant on the Caldwell EDC and offers a supportive role to the commission. Visit the EDC's website for more information.
Commercial Retail Space/Property Inventories
Business development throughout the county is a priority for 20/20. Currently 20/20 is building inventories (in pdf format) for the largest Caldwell municipalities along Highway 321. Select the municipality for the most current inventory of space/properties available in that town.  

Lenoir  |  Hudson (call for info)  |  Granite Falls (call for info)

A current list of retail/service businesses within Lenoir, Hudson and Granite Falls is being prepared. Select the municipality for the most current listing (pdf format) of retail/service businesses.

Lenoir  |  Hudson (coming soon) |  Granite Falls (coming soon)


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