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Competitive Workforce

Caldwell’s history is rich in craftsmanship, manufacturing and textiles. Furniture has been the mainstay of the region for generations. As manufacturing finds its way across international waters to less expensive labor forces and less restrictive resource management, Caldwell must diversify its economy and provide training and jobs for the New Global Economy.

One of Caldwell County’s greatest challenges is preparing a workforce for jobs available today and those that will be available tomorrow. A diverse and dynamic group of educators and leaders have formed the Competitive Workforce/Education Community Work Group. Their passion for preparing Caldwell County’s population for real jobs and careers with real opportunity is seen in the refined Vision and Objectives from the 20/20 Community Consensus Strategy of 2008.

Vision: Caldwell County will have a globally competitive and prepared workforce. A seamless training system will provide a first-class education, ensuring all workers the opportunity to obtain quality employment and thrive.

Objective 1: Ensure that K-12 public schools are optimal learning environments for Caldwell County youth.   

Objective 2: Enhance early-childhood education in Caldwell County.

Objective 3: Increase career-focused and entrepreneurial-education opportunities for Caldwell County students.

Objective 4: Fully engage the local business community and philanthropic support to increase educational opportunities.

Objective 5: Optimize the impact of two- and four-year colleges on local workforce competitiveness.



The Children's Coalition is a diverse group of education, government services and healthcare professionals focused on better preparing all Caldwell County children for entry into kindergarten.  The group is currently assessing all efforts, private and public, to prepare and screen children for school and hopes to develop a county-wide strategy for early childhood school readiness.


CCS has developed its five year plan which is available to the public in summary form  at  High levels of proficiency, performance and accountability are outlined within the plan.   
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        Caldwell County Schools made dramatic progress during the past school year. Overall scores and graduation rates increased. Go to for details.
This work group currently meets regularly to address education and workforce development issues. Increasing the value of education and increasing educational attainment within Caldwell County are prime focus areas. The group is made up of educators, business leaders, government officials and private citizens.
Dr. Caryl Burns, Associate Superintendent of Schools, Caldwell County
Deborah Murray
Dr. Bob Esch, Bill Schreiber, Regina Barrier, Stephen Martin, Shawn Clemmons, Katrina Watson, Janet Wilson, Deborah Ashley, Debbie Eller, Kathy Jo Eckard, Don Barrier, Kenneth Lee, Alice Lentz, Michelle Colvard, Edward Terry.
(The Work Group continues to meet and new participants are welcome to join. For more information, contact 20/20 at 828-726-2609.)
Experience Education
Watch for this exciting development later this year!

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