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Economic transformation comes as a result of a thousand different efforts—most often, it comes slowly. A community desiring innovation and reinvention can’t make it happen fast enough and has a difficult time proving it is underway. How does a community in dramatic transition market itself to prospective businesses, industries and residents to attract what it wants to become? Caldwell 20/20 is participating in  the transformation and wants to mark the progress along the way.

Caldwell 20/20 is the first of its kind effort in Caldwell County. In 2008, community leaders formed a committee to proactively respond to the New Economy which was dramatically changing the dynamics of local competitiveness and quality of life. The group hired a nationally known economic development consulting firm to produce a Caldwell County study and an economic opportunity strategy (see Out of that study was born the organization, Caldwell 20/20, and a community consensus strategy with a holistic approach to support long term economic development. 

Many communities have had to reinvent themselves, but few as dramatically as Caldwell must. We have invented a support organization in 20/20 to every day be about the business of transformation, educating the public, changing mindsets, casting and grabbing the vision to build a prosperous future. As lofty a goal as that is, it is being accomplished and a new economy is emerging.

Strong local leadership committed to developing and building public/private partnerships and strategies to dramatically increase Caldwell’s capacity to grow, produce sustainable positive change and improve Caldwell County’s ability to successfully compete in the new global economy. To ultimately raise the quality of life standard.

Caldwell 20/20‘s Board of Directors determined that the 20/20 study and strategy were so vital to the transformation of the Caldwell economy, they incorporated the organization and hired a fullā€time CEO to manage and be accountable for the effort.

Caldwell 20/20 has a twenty objective plan with actionable items within each objective so that progress can be measured and a report card generated at appropriate intervals. Community consensus and public private partnerships are the key components to the achievement of all goals. Objectives are divided into four goals:

  1. Competitive Workforce (Education)
  2. Economic Opportunity
  3. Leadership, Community Pride and Civic Engagement
  4. Vibrant Quality of Life

For the complete original 20/20 study, go to

Funding for the Caldwell 20/20 website provided by The Unifour Foundation Inc. Endowment, a component fund of the North Carolina Community Foundation.

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